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When Neil Essam first wrote about nullopathy, he also described his own theory of disease. He postulated that a person is born with a certain amount of health energy, and diseases and injuries sap that energy. He foresaw that one day science would invent a health energy “meter” to measure it. This has not yet come to pass, because his ideas were not accepted by the mainstream (because they are in the pay of Big Pharma).

He wrote that while it is possible to boost your health energy levels pro-actively (for example by eating exotic fruits like the ‘maksym’ tomato — yes, the tomato is a fruit!),

in almost all caƒes, the safeƒt & moƒt reliable method iƒ pasƒive regeneration.

However, thanks to Einstein, modern nullopathists have a more sophisticated theory, which I shall explain in a future post.


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