It is my experience that when I went to the hospital, before I discovered nullopathy, I am ill for several days, often including time before I went to the hospital. When I simply ignore my injuries and diseases, I find that they clear up very quickly.

Clearly nullopathy is reducing my suffering time — and it seems that it works retroactively.

This sounds like science-fiction, but in fact is is simply quantum mechanics. The energy field created by your body extends in all directions through space, so it makes sense that it would extend in both directions through time as well. I believe that the MRI scanners in hospitals interefere with the waveform and cause it to collapse into a black hole (metaphorically). This distorts the flow of time through your body and slows your recovery.

I am not sure what would happen if you found you were ill for a few days but didn’t then go to hospital. Clearly potential events can affect reality. Scientists often talk of “potential differences” and “potential energy”, so it is not unreasonable to state this as absolute undeniable fact.


Early this morning, the Nullopathy article in Wiki4CAM, the so-called complimentary and alternative medicine wiki, was deleted, by someone calling himself “DoctorB” (my personal prime suspect being “Doctor B… en Goldacre”, who we all know wouldn’t approve of nullopathy, although he has been curiously silent on the subject). The stated reason in the deletion log was “content was: junk”. The talk page simply read:

This article is believed to be the work of a parodist or vandal and should be deleted immediately.

Imagine my shock and appalledness, especially after I’d read this, from their page “Why do we need Wiki4CAM?”:

Are you wondering why do we need Wiki4CAM when we already have the Wikipedia?

Wikipedia is undoubtedly the world’s biggest and most read and referenced encyclopedia. The community participation has made it a huge success. But its open architecture has (at times) also led to the use of Wikipedia for gaining political mileage and for spreading biased views by a handful of editors.

The same thing has happened to most complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies on Wikipedia. A handful of wiki editors are going out of their way to discredit and disrepute nearly all alternative medicine as unscientific.

…and here we see the Wiki4CAM editors describing nullopathy as “junk”! Who are they to decide what’s real and what’s junk? Have they run a trial of nullopathy? They never mention one.

Furthermore, they have an article on intercessory prayer. I mean, come on. Homeopathy, sure. Acupuncture, naturopathy, fine. Hydrotherapy, magnetotherapy, chiropractic, I’ll give you those. But intercessory prayer? That’s just nullopathy with your hands together!

I thought that Wiki4CAM was a place for practitioners of all alternative therapies to come together and discuss and promote them without being oppressed by “mainstream” alternative medicine and Big Complimentary, pushing the more widely-accepted forms of CAM and silencing the voices of the small modalities like nullopathy. Clearly there is a conspiracy in the world of CAM to discredit nullopathy. Probably this is why it was so hard for me to originally find out anything about it (more on that in a future post). CAM is a multi-million pound industry… in retrospect maybe I shouldn’t be surprised that they don’t want people to know about the cheapest form: nullopathy.

This is not the end of this.

I have just been made aware of a very good double-blind trial in which nullopathy is proven once again to be effective in the fight against disease:

  1. Seitsalo et al, Effectiveness of low-dose doxycycline (LDD) on clinical symptoms of Sjögren’s Syndrome: a randomized, double-blind, placebo controlled cross-over study, Journal of Nullopathy, 2007, 6:11

The researchers did a trial where they gave one group nullopathic medicine (i.e., no medicine at all) and another group were given medicine as a positive control. The trial was a success: the nullopathy group could not be separated from the medicine group:

Overall, the effects of medications on subjective symptoms were minor. Wilcoxon test demonstrated increased fatigue with LDD during medication (p < 0.05). The differences may, however, reflect normal fluctuation of symptoms in SS patients.

Controlling the Trial

To ensure that the medicine group did not benefit from the placebo effect, the nullopathy group were also given placebos. These contained no medicine and therefore can be considered part of the nullopathic treatment.


We can safely conclude from this trial that nullopathy is as effective as medicine in the treatment of disease.

The particular trial design is similar to that used in a homeopathy trial recently.

I was feeling hot today so I had a shower. Then I dried my hair — not with an allopathic hairdrier machine TOXIC but with the natural power of Nullopathy!

Let’s see acupuncture do that!

Nullopathy is closely related to Homoeopathy.

Homoeopaths cure diseases using a medicine so dilute that not even one molecule of the original substance remains in the water. They have a lot of other mythology, of course, such as ‘succussion’ and ‘provings’ and ‘like-cures-like’, but the fundamental essence of homoeopathy is treating disease using no medicine — the same paradigm that powers the science behind nullopathy. The synergy between the two modalities is clear: homoeopathy can be modelled as a more systematic variant of nullopathy. This raises the question of which is most effective. I am unaware of any currently known answer to this question.

There are thousands of homoeopaths and homoeopathy users around the world — because they have unwittingly harnessed the power of stimulating the body’s natural healing ability by doing nothing at all: nullopathy.

Nullopathy is an under-rated paradigm in complementary medicine. It involves no harmful drugs, no toxins, no dangerous surgery, and no expensive quack treatments. It works by harnessing your body’s own regenerative abilities.

Did you know that your body is capable of healing cuts and bruises on its own? Did you know it can destroy harmful viruses and bacteria without antibiotics? Did you know it can knit together broken bones using only the nutritional content of your food?

This miraculous ability that all of our bodies already has is the mechanism behind nullopathy. For example, to nullopathically treat a headache, do nothing. Have a lie down. Watch TV if you’re feeling up to it. Try to get some sleep. You’ll feel better in the morning.

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