A few days ago I discovered JABS, a forum about vaccinations, specifically MMR. The people there seem mostly to think that MMR is bad. I started a discussion about nullopathy there, because not having injections is a key part of nullopathic medicine.

It has been a very interesting discussion. All the comments there are very edifying, although I must confess that have have no idea what on Earth some of them are talking about. I particularly enjoyed this comment, from Seonaid:

I echo your sentiments Gus.

Nullopathy – now this is interesting. Never heard of it – but – I have been trying to figure how it might work. Is it a positive thinking approach? Power of the mind over the body?
[See books The Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton and Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert. Think Positive – it works!]

Or is it via the quantum field? Bioenergetics?
Tell me more.

On that subject, I plan to do a post in the future on my thoughts about how nullopathy might work. They’re a bit different from Essam’s original theories. I don’t want to imply that I’m smarter than the great Neil Essam, but we have quantum mechanics now, and I think that clarifies the matter a great deal.

This comment from GUS THE FUSS was also very enlightening:

Ocamm Ye All faithful to big pharma ,
How cheap how Chubby cheap cheeps !

end of i presume


I think there’s something we can all take away from that.