It is my experience that when I went to the hospital, before I discovered nullopathy, I am ill for several days, often including time before I went to the hospital. When I simply ignore my injuries and diseases, I find that they clear up very quickly.

Clearly nullopathy is reducing my suffering time — and it seems that it works retroactively.

This sounds like science-fiction, but in fact is is simply quantum mechanics. The energy field created by your body extends in all directions through space, so it makes sense that it would extend in both directions through time as well. I believe that the MRI scanners in hospitals interefere with the waveform and cause it to collapse into a black hole (metaphorically). This distorts the flow of time through your body and slows your recovery.

I am not sure what would happen if you found you were ill for a few days but didn’t then go to hospital. Clearly potential events can affect reality. Scientists often talk of “potential differences” and “potential energy”, so it is not unreasonable to state this as absolute undeniable fact.