Nullopathy is closely related to Homoeopathy.

Homoeopaths cure diseases using a medicine so dilute that not even one molecule of the original substance remains in the water. They have a lot of other mythology, of course, such as ‘succussion’ and ‘provings’ and ‘like-cures-like’, but the fundamental essence of homoeopathy is treating disease using no medicine — the same paradigm that powers the science behind nullopathy. The synergy between the two modalities is clear: homoeopathy can be modelled as a more systematic variant of nullopathy. This raises the question of which is most effective. I am unaware of any currently known answer to this question.

There are thousands of homoeopaths and homoeopathy users around the world — because they have unwittingly harnessed the power of stimulating the body’s natural healing ability by doing nothing at all: nullopathy.