A common criticism of nullopathy is that it cannot be combined with other modalities. Skeptics say that it is impossible to do something and nothing at the same time. This is certainly true, but it is naive: you can combine the principals of nullopathy with other modalities. For example, nullopathic pills are called “homoeopathy”.

I’ve just read about a very interesting study on David Colquhoun‘s blog about acupuncture. Apparently, some German researchers have compared acupuncure to conventional medicine and found it to be better. They also tried an arm of “sham” acupuncture, where the acupuncture was done all wrong, which worked just as well as the real acupuncture. The so-called “bad science bloggers” say that this shows that acupuncture is a placebo, but this fails to consider the nullopathic component of ‘sham’ acupuncture, which is a potentially confounding factor. This study equally well supports the conclusion that nullopathy is as good as acupuncture.


Schroedinger’s Cat is a famous experiment done in Quantum, which modern nullopathists believe explains how nullopathy is so effective. Wikipedia says:

Schrödinger’s Cat: A cat, along with a flask containing a poison, is placed in a sealed box shielded against environmentally induced quantum decoherence. If a Geiger counter detects radiation then the flask is shattered, releasing the poison which kills the cat. Quantum mechanics suggests that after a while the cat is simultaneously alive and dead, in a quantum superposition of coexisting alive and dead states. Yet when we look in the box we expect to see the cat either alive or dead, not a mixture of alive and dead.

But a nullopathic model of quantum mechanics suggests that this is naive. We commonly hear of people who are “half-dead”, so we know that this superposition exists in every day life. It is called “disease”.

When you are ill, your body is in a superposition of live and dead states.It is not always 50-50, it is usually nearer 98% alive and 2% dead — if so you have a 98% chance of survival, although you can double these chances using nullopathy. At the end of the illness, your body collapses into one of the two states — health or death. The key is to make sure it’s health!

Because quantum information is stored as vibrations, the body must be made to vibrate as it would during health — amd do you take allopathic medicine when you’re healthy?

Case closed, then.

You can now get regular nullopathy through Twitter.

When Neil Essam first wrote about nullopathy, he also described his own theory of disease. He postulated that a person is born with a certain amount of health energy, and diseases and injuries sap that energy. He foresaw that one day science would invent a health energy “meter” to measure it. This has not yet come to pass, because his ideas were not accepted by the mainstream (because they are in the pay of Big Pharma).

He wrote that while it is possible to boost your health energy levels pro-actively (for example by eating exotic fruits like the ‘maksym’ tomato — yes, the tomato is a fruit!),

in almost all caƒes, the safeƒt & moƒt reliable method iƒ pasƒive regeneration.

However, thanks to Einstein, modern nullopathists have a more sophisticated theory, which I shall explain in a future post.

A few days ago I discovered JABS, a forum about vaccinations, specifically MMR. The people there seem mostly to think that MMR is bad. I started a discussion about nullopathy there, because not having injections is a key part of nullopathic medicine.

It has been a very interesting discussion. All the comments there are very edifying, although I must confess that have have no idea what on Earth some of them are talking about. I particularly enjoyed this comment, from Seonaid:

I echo your sentiments Gus.

Nullopathy – now this is interesting. Never heard of it – but – I have been trying to figure how it might work. Is it a positive thinking approach? Power of the mind over the body?
[See books The Biology of belief by Bruce Lipton and Molecules of Emotion by Candace Pert. Think Positive – it works!]

Or is it via the quantum field? Bioenergetics?
Tell me more.

On that subject, I plan to do a post in the future on my thoughts about how nullopathy might work. They’re a bit different from Essam’s original theories. I don’t want to imply that I’m smarter than the great Neil Essam, but we have quantum mechanics now, and I think that clarifies the matter a great deal.

This comment from GUS THE FUSS was also very enlightening:

Ocamm Ye All faithful to big pharma ,
How cheap how Chubby cheap cheeps !

end of i presume


I think there’s something we can all take away from that.

There is only one totally holistic medicine: nullopathy.

Drugs only fight one specific disease. Homoeopathy needs a different remedy for every condition (so they think — in fact it simply harnesses the power of nullopathy). Naturopaths also need to be told what is wrong.

Not so nullopathy. The body has an amazing immune system and miraculous regenerative capabilities. Between them they fight all illness and injury — nullopathy simply optimises their environment and boosts their powers. This means that nullopathy treats the whole body: if you have the flu and a broken toe, the same course of nullopathy will cure both.

Is there another modality that can cure broken bones and viral infections with the same treatment — at the same time? I don’t think there is.

I have done much research, and finally developed a system of nullopathy transmitted over the internet. It is quite safe to use this treatment in conjunction with wifi.

Click here to receive your FREE e-nullopathy

Note: this may not be suitable for treatment of repetitive strain injury.

A friend of mine was recently offered the chance to go skiing. She was wary of it, having heard that it commonly leads to injuries. She asked me for advice, and I recommended a course of preventative nullopathy. This works by practicing nullopathy before and during the dangerous activity.

Instead of skiing, she did nothing. This successfully prevented her for sustaining any skiing-related injuries. Two of her ‘skeptical’ friends who did not use nullopathy suffered broken bones.

This cannot be coincidence — my friend who used preventative nullopathy was one of the only seven people on that trip to escape unharmed. Those kinds of numbers just don’t happen without a very profound preventative effect.

…because I had a terrible headache when I woke up this morning. I don’t know where it came from because I cannot remember much of yesterday evening after the fifth glass of wine. Anyway, I used a little nullopathy and now I feel fine. All the time I was doing the nullopathy my headache was easing, until I felt able to get up and start my day.

But I have a busy day — I stayed in bed until half eleven this morning while the power of nullopathy fought off my illness, and I have a lot to do. Also I feel a little tired; staying in bed all day does that, don’t you find? This is the one and only side-effect of nullopathic medicine.

Of course, being tired acually helps with nullopathy!

I used to be a regular academic type. I have a Master’s Degree, and I even started a second degree in medicine, hoping to become a GP.

When I was in my second year of university studying medicine, I was going very well. I was repeatedly getting the highest marks in my year. One Tuesday, though, I woke up feeling very ill. I looked through my textbooks and couldn’t figure out what was wrong. None of what I’d ‘learned’ had an answer for me. I got dressed to go to university, but I didn’t have the energy. I lay on the sofa and did nothing. I must have fallen asleep, because I work up a few hours later and I was okay again. Suddenly I realised that we didn’t need all this ridiculous “medical science” nonsense to recover from illnesses — we just had to do nothing.

I went to the library and searched. I could only find one book that recommended doing nothing when ill. It was a dusty book on a forgotten shelf, entitled simply “Nullopathy“. It was written in 1832 by Niel Essam, the Father of Nullopathy. I sat and read the whole thing, cover to cover (it wasn’t very long) right there in the university library, and I tried to check it out, but it hadn’t been entered into the computer system. I took it to the head librarian and she agreed to sell the book to me.

I rapidly found that the world had forgotten Nullopathy. But I think I can bring it back. When people see how effective it is, they won’t be able to deny it!

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